1. Does the MP3s get hosted on this website?
    No, you just can paste MP3 links into your account. The MP3s are hosted on band homepages or other legal sources.

  2. Is this some sort of a new illegal service like napster with that I can download many many MP3s?
    No! - definitely not. Read the answer of question #1.

  3. Hey, you made a great service, but how do I remove a song from my player?
    I got many messages asking for that...
    I think the problem was that the My songs page, which you can access if you login, was broken because the server was heavily used (often 20 users are logged in at the same time...).
    I think now, after a bigger update the page should work fine. Just login and go to the My songs page. Then search the song and hit the cross symbol (red) next to the song. That's all, the song should now be removed from your playlist :)

  4. Why does my song not get played?
    This problem can have multiple reasons:

    1. The song was deleted and can't be found anymore.
    2. The song format is not supported by the player (only MP3, RBS and some web radio formats are supported)

      Just look at the ending of your Song URL: If see an .mp3 like here: http://www.example.com/test.mp3 the song may work fine (99%).

      If the URL looks like this: http://www.example.com/myaccount/audio/33248855 it's not sure that it really works. You can try this URL but there is no guaranty.

  5. Is there a way to block your music player? I am on dial-up and audio just slows things up...
    Yes, there are some ways to do that. Here is a simple way for the Firefox browser: Just download the Adblock Plus Extension, it was originally made to block annoying advertising on websites. But you can also block the SU music player with this Extension. After you installed the extension you can block the URL http://musicplayer.detrave.net/ so the music player should not be loaded anymore.

  6. Why don't you answer my message?
    I try to answer as many messages as possible, but I get so many messages that I'm really busy...
    And every message needs some time till I found the right words, because I'm not a native English speaker. So please don't be angry if I need some time to answer :) Thanks!

  7. Why can't I upload MP3s here?
    Because I could get some serious problems because of legal issues...

  8. Why don't you host this project on your official website (www.jonasjohn.de)
    Because I don't now if I could pay the traffic on my main domain.

  9. Where do you host this project?
    On Thlayli's Detrave.net, which is located on DreamHost's servers..

  10. I don't like the layout of the player, can I create a skin or something?
    Yes, sure. Just save the player frame and change it to your wishes then send it to me and I will see what I can do :)

  11. Do you have any commercial plans with this project?
    No, I just created this project for fun and to train my programming skills a little bit...

  12. Do you try to create a new kind of Myspace and Stumbleupon thing?
    No! I just wanted to give the Stumbleupon community a way to listen to music while watching the blog pages. Just keep it simple...

  13. What does these buttons on the "my songs" page stand for ? my songs page help

  14. I have another question, not listed here
    Send a email message to me.